I am a Shiatsu and reflexology practitioner trained and qualified at the Institut Français de Shiatsu, founded and directed by Michel Odoul and at the Institut Français de Réflexologie directed by Elske Miles. I work as a teaching assistant at these institutes.

The techniques that I practise are:

Shiatsu (in the style of Nakasono Sensei as developed by Michel Odoul);
South-African foot reflexology
(technique developed by Elske Miles after Chris Stormer);
Chinese foot reflexology
(technique developed by Elske Miles);
Facial reflexology
(in the style of Vietnamese “diên chân”, developed by Elske Miles after the teachings of Prof. Bui Quoc Chau);
(auto-Shiatsu according to the principles of Nakasono Sensei);
Psychologie Corporelle Appliquée
(a method of deciphering the symbolism of the
body and of illness developed by Michel Odoul).

I have also trained in the practice of Shiatsu for pregnant women with Suzanne Yates, an internationally-recognised expert in Shiatsu for pregnancy, childbirth and the post-natal period.

- 5, avenue Villemain 75014 Paris -  Métro Pernety or Plaisance.

If you have questions regarding Shiatsu or reflexology, or to make an appointment, please contact me by telephone, text message or e-mail.


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